2010 Olympic Bid Video     |  “ Inspired By Dreams ”  |  view quicktime 
        Working directly with the 2010 bid committee, we used a combination of footage from our archives, stock footage and original          
        pieces to create six separate videos. This video was the center piece of the final  presentation which resulted in the winning of 
        the  2010 bid

Contemporary  International Canada  |  “ 2010 Volunteer Videos  | view quicktime
        This example is part of a series of videos completed in HD for training volunteers at the Olympics

Tsleil Whatuth Nation  |  “ Promotional videos “  | view quicktime
        Three videos were completed for this First Nation        
         ... 60 minute - telling the complete story of their nation...
        ... 11 minute  version - Showcasing their Nation for the 2010 Olympic First Nations Pavilion...
        ...  6 minute version -  This video highlighted economic development ...

Certified General Accountants of Canada  |  “ Competency Education “   | view quicktime
        This video served as an educational video outlining detailed education policies for CGA’s
        This Video was completed utilizing graphics ,voiceover and music only

Certified General Accountants of Canada  |  “ Competency Education- “  | view quicktime
         This Video was  a sequel to the first video only from the perspective of  Real CGA’s completed utilizing  real CGA’s .
         Using an  interview format this was a combination of live action , graphics ,voiceover and music .

The City     |  “ City -english “  | view quicktime
        To promote a new financial  educational web site, we worked with DDB Tribal Agency to create this video. Designed to be a 
        reflection of the website, the video stays true to the creative vision and delivers the information effectively as well as creatively.
         It was accomplished solely with motion graphics, voice and music.

Lush      |  “Company culture “  | view quicktime
        This on the edge company required an unconventional approach and a more naive and fresh technique to filming. 
        Employee  experiences and attitudes were essential in producing this training DVD, and are highlighted in this example

Mypypeline     |  “ Mypypeline “  | view quicktime
        An Online community for Fitness enthusiasts,Mypypline required an introductory film segment and still photographyto promote  
        and announce their online fitness services for their e-commerce website. We designed motion graphics for their Logo in order to
        establish a clean style that would translate effectively across different platforms: from Big screen TV to Video i pods.



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